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General Questions

If I need assistance, how can I contact you?

We are online 24 hours a day, seven days a week here.

Will I get banned on SoundCloud if I use your service?

No. Our services coincides with the terms you signed on SoundCloud. So, if you use our service you will get authentic plays and comments.

Can I choose more than one track for a single order?

Yes, some of the packages we’re offering can be used on up to 10 tracks. You can specify which tracks you want to promote when paying. Just make sure that all the tracks are from the same account.

Do I need to give you my login details?

For the plays and downloads, account details are not necessary. Just specify the tracks you want. However, for the SoundCloud follower services, account details are needed. We are advising you to make temporary password or change your password after getting your orders.

How would I know that my order has already been processed?

After receiving your order, we will take note of these. We will give you a status report on how we are doing and will send an e-mail if we had already done processing your order.

Will I get my money’s worth?

Of course, we are always looking after our customers and we try to make them as satisfied as possible.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. A long as there’s a reasonable explanation for the cancellation and the services you ordered have not yet been delivered. Please keep in mind orders can NOT be cancelled once they have started.


What if I cant Afford it?

How can I get a package with no money?

Email us at info@soundcloudplaysfree.com put "hook me up" in the subject line, they will send you info on how to get packages at no cost to you

Working With Our Team

Is they an affiliate or reseller program?

If you have any questions about becoming an affiliate or about our reseller program feel free to contact us here. Also if you want to buy in bulk please contact us.